Who we are? Our Mission

Our mission is to provide education and enhance multidisciplinary initiatives within the immunoscience field to help improve patient outcomes.


Immunoscience is a complex and rapidly evolving field with increasing importance across many different therapeutic areas.

Along with the growing new generation of drugs that target the immune system comes a continuous need for comprehensive, user-friendly educational materials to provide regular updates and develop healthcare professionals’ knowledge across a wide spectrum of disciplines.

As immunotherapies can impact the whole body, there is a need for a new approach where multidisciplinary education and information-sharing is required for optimal patient care.

The ImmunoScience Academy, led by the Steering Committee, is a unique multidisciplinary educational platform, that provides information on immunology and immunotherapies. It brings together immunoscience experts from different therapeutic disciplines to develop and offer educational resources related to immunoscience and share knowledge and experience within this field.